Native tree recommendations for Tennessee


Regional restrictions
Statewide unless indicated East, Middle, West MAP

Hydric: Plants periodically or often inundated by water
Mesic: Adequate soil moisture retention year-round
Sub-xeric: Seasonally moist, periodically dry
Xeric: Little moisture retention, excessively drained

Soil pH
Basic: Prefers limestone   Acidic: Prefers acidic soils

Using native plants contributes to the health and often the restoration of an ecosystem. Landscaping with natives in an urban setting helps restore regional character and places fewer demands on resources. Natives are adapted to regional conditions, may require less maintenance and are cost-effective. They’re hardier, withstand extreme winter cold, and do not suffer from die back. In addition, natives are environmentally friendly, requiring fewer pesticides and fertilizers because of natural adaptations.

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Common Name Scientific Name Regional
Shade Hydric Mesic Subxeric Xeric Basic Acidic
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Source: Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council